The most intriguing and unexpected innovations come from businesses that combine left brain logic with right brain intuition. Learn how you too can build high performance teams that thrive in the Age of Creativity.

Program Format: One day workshop + 3 months executive coaching.

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Today’s Silicon Valley trail blazers make history by connecting with their intuition and dreams. Learn how you can quickly develop your own intuitive edge and succeed in the new Age of Creativity.

Program Format: Half day workshop.

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Learn to achieve amazing results by unleashing your subconscious mind, the 90% of your brain that does the heavy lifting in your life.

Program Format: Half day workshop.

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How these workshops came about

Aneace designed these workshops and coaching programs over a 15 year period. They were created in response to the challenges he faced during his early career as founder and CEO of payment software companies in Europe and Asia. During that period, Aneace learned to embrace his own intuition and discovered a love for executive coaching and leadership development. He now dedicates himself to helping leaders unlock their innate talents so that they can drive their businesses forward in the post Information Age.