“Aneace has a very rich experience and open mindset from around the world and built on real life examples. He is an extremely good coach/mentor for both business problems but more so around framing, communication, root causing the real problem which makes a business tick… People and Simplicity/clarity. He is a true master!”

Klas Hesselman, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at Visa, Singapore


Resilience Framework

A sustainable framework for individual and group resilience, based on a fresh understanding of the brain’s natural ability to develop new connections and grow, at any age.



Communication Styles

This simple personality assessment tool helps teams quickly explore communication styles. Participants will become aware of their colleagues' different styles, learn to interact effectively with people having different styles than their own, including coworkers, stakeholders, customers, etc.


Authentic Leadership

An authentic and clear sense of purpose is a leader's most powerful asset. In this module, you will discover your own personal “why” statement, the authentic purpose that inspires you to drive forward in life with the most passion. When you discover it, you will see it has always been there. By becoming aware of it, your purpose will become even more powerful and impactful.