A sustainable framework for individual and group resilience

As change and disruption become a constant part of our lives, we can no longer look at resilience simply as the art of bouncing back from a one-off event.

We need a completely new approach, based on a fresh understanding of neuroplasticity (the brain’s natural ability to get out of neural ruts, develop new connections and even grow) and social plasticity (the ability to change our behaviour according to previous experience and to social context).

The key is learning to let go of labels and behaviours that no longer serve us, so we can be free to adopt new roles and reach for new goals.

Authenticity man.jpg


“When we laugh and play with our many identities, when we see that all of these are masks, when we let go of outdated labels even if we still love them very much,


our genuine, authentic self can shine through, more complex, more beautiful, than any label could possibly capture.”



“When we let go of old dreams we still love dearly, when we celebrate our successes and failures equally, when we laugh at the limiting beliefs that cause us to screw up magnificently,


we can live joyfully, in the present moment, perform at our very best, with our results and our words in alignment.”



“When we let go of our expertise and authority, when we pretend to be junior apprentices again, when we allow ourselves to act like children despite years of experience,


we can enjoy the thrill of being a beginner, embark on new journeys, and fulfil our purpose of bringing new creations into the world.”