A framework for transformational results

Today’s leaders need to inspire and motivate a diverse workforce, influence ever changing internal and external stakeholders, and set direction and adapt to fast-changing markets and conditions.

In the past, resilience often meant surviving change, as an individual or an organization… getting through it… bouncing back after the change event has passed. In a world where change keeps occurring, a different outlook is needed.

Aneace provides a sustainable framework for resilience based on letting go of outdated definitions of who we are and what we strive for, so we can guide our careers, teams and organisations through complexity and ambiguity.


I provide leadership development workshops and executive coaching programs that help enterprises create a resilient culture based on authenticity, adaptability and creativity.

Over the past 30 years, I have launched and built technology companies in the US, Europe and Asia and have hired, mentored and coached numerous C-level executives.

My greatest passion is to bring all of my life experience together to inspire people to live big lives, defying barriers and conventional wisdom, full of hope, so that the world may benefit from each individual's unique gifts.